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International Shipping Policy

All our orders take an estimated 2-3 working days to dispatch.

You will receive an alert with a tracking number once your order has been shipped.

We work with the best international courier companies to ensure you get your products in time and in the best condition possible.

International orders take 3-5 business days to ship,however this may take longer during promotions,holidays and in some cases the destination.

You must indicate the correct address and all other important information at checkout. 


We will not be responsible for mistakes you make in filling out these details.

We have a flat rate for all international shipping.


Once your order has been shipped, should there be any claims for damage or lost items, you are required to file a claim with the courier company and not Kinky Matters. 

Local Delivery/Shipping

All our orders take an estimated 2-3 working days to dispatch.


Our delivery options vary depending on your location, and we work with different courier companies to ensure the best option for you. 

If you're outside ACCRA/TEMA check to see if DHL has an office near you before making a purchase.

You may contact us with a delivery option that will work for you if you believe they don't operate in your region,do note that this you will be required to pay any difference in cost and it will be at your risk.

Delivery within Greater Accra/Tema will take  1-3 Working Days.

 Delivery outside Accra - 3-5 Working Days. 

Deliveries outside Ghana are handled  by a third party courier company.( read our international shipping policy)

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